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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Foosball Street Edition [MULTI10]

Foosball Street Edition [MULTI10]


Tired of being stuck in the Foosball table (football) team Rayados players have freed themselves, and now freely roam the neighborhood! Clear that freedom was only the first step: challenged by the best teams in world football, these little guys are going to prove that they are made ​​... Foosball - Street Edition is an arcade football game 5 on 5, which you puts you in control of 9 football teams, each with their special abilities. Far from trying to imitate a football simulator as other games, Foosball - Street Edition is focused on being accessible and easy to play, with many spectacular feints and a simple mechanical action oriented enjoys playing soccer with amazing characters in the craziest scenarios!

Platform: PC
Language: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German
Gender: Sports
Quality: DVD
Format: ISO
Size: 622.84 MB
Date: 04/19/2014
Release: 3DM

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