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Monday, 21 July 2014

Kaptain Brawe A Brawe New World [MULTI10]

Kaptain Brawe A Brawe New World [MULTI10]


Enter the world of interstellar travel, where Space Pirates lurk behind every corner. Kaptain Brawe, Space Police officer, embarks on a journey filled with quests, conspiracies and general chaos on the trail of two kidnapped alien scientists. 
The action takes place in a beautiful hand drawn world in an alternate nineteenth century. The cartoon style of Kaptain Brawe captivate young and old players, especially those who like games with a charged sense of humor and puzzles to test the frame.

Platform: PC
Language: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German
Genre: Adventure
Quality: DVD
Format: ISO
Size: 277.65 MB
Date: 11/03/2014
Release: PROPHET


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